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Mokanet Africa Ltd is Technology & Software solutions based company providing strategic guidance in libraries, software development and automation Information systems with a central focus on a full range of products.

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Introducing the world’s most cost-effective Anti-Plagiarism Software

DrillBit makes plagiarism detection easy. Seamless integration, easy-to-use functionality, clear and understandable displays coupled with instant results make DrillBit’s plagiarism detection software an industry leader. 

Academic Integrity Solutions

Plagiarism detection and prevention: Leverage cutting-edge technology to identify and deter plagiarism, ensuring the originality and academic merit of your work.

Library Management System

Streamlined library operations: Manage borrowing, returns, fines, and more efficiently with our user-friendly library management system.

Learning Management System

Engaging and interactive learning: Create dynamic and personalized learning experiences with our customizable and feature-rich LMS platform.

On-demand Cloud Computing Platforms

Scalable and flexible infrastructure: Access the computing resources you need, when you need them, with our flexible and scalable cloud platform.

Cutting-Edge Proctoring Tools

At Mokanet Africa, we’re not just about technology; we’re about building trust and fairness in the academic realm. Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes state-of-the-art proctoring tools designed to safeguard the integrity of online assessments and examinations.

Our Premium Products Offerings

Koha ILS

Koha is a free and open-source integrated library system (ILS) that’s perfect for libraries of all sizes. It offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive cataloging and search functionalities, and seamless e-library integration. With Koha, managing your library’s resources and providing exceptional service to your users becomes a breeze.


DSpace is an institutional repository software that allows you to capture, preserve, and provide access to your organization’s digital assets. Duraspace is a digital preservation service that ensures the long-term accessibility and reliability of your data. Together, DSpace and Duraspace provide a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your valuable digital assets for future generations.

Amazon AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a secure and scalable on-demand cloud computing platform. With AWS, you can access the computing resources you need, when you need them, without the upfront investment and hassle of maintaining your own hardware infrastructure. Mokanet Africa can help you leverage the power of AWS to optimize your IT operations, reduce costs, and enhance security and reliability.

Moodle LMS

Moodle is a flexible and customizable learning management system (LMS) that allows you to create engaging and interactive online courses, modules, and assessments. It’s perfect for educational institutions, businesses, and individuals looking to deliver a dynamic and effective learning experience. With Moodle, you can foster collaboration, track student progress, and measure learning outcomes with ease.

OJS Journals System

The Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a free and open-source software platform specifically designed for managing scholarly journals. It offers a streamlined workflow for editors, reviewers, and authors, making the publication process more efficient and transparent. Mokanet Africa can help you set up and manage your OJS-based journal, ensuring a smooth and professional publishing experience.

Whether you're looking to streamline your library operations, deliver engaging online learning experiences, or leverage the power of the cloud, Mokanet Africa has the solutions and expertise you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your academic and technological goals.